Friday, December 2, 2011

An Explanation About My Journey

My name is Roberta Bettis.  I am a professing member of the United Methodist Church. Twenty five years ago I acknowledged God's presence in my life and entered into a personal relationship with Him.  Many times through the years, I have attempted to maintain the discipline of daily devotional time with Him and, quite frankly, I get distracted by all the other stuff going on in my life, and I give less and less time to that relationship.

Relationships of all kinds take work.  And I hope to use this blog as tool to develop the discipline of making time for God on a daily basis.  I will be reading daily selections from CEB (Common English Bible) Daily Devotional Bible.  This version of the bible was created to help a person get through reading the bible in one year's time.    This blog will act as my journal of thoughts and prayers over the next year.

As I thought about how to maintain this discipline, and as I talked to folks around me, I began to think that a blog would be one way to share my journey with others who might be wondering what place God has in their lives.   I invite you all to be partners in my journey.

God's Grace Be With Us All!

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